In Summer 2016 Issue...

My Voice... By Cristy Rein

To Our Next President, The National Wildlife Federation

For The Babe, By Devon Monk

Eco Terrorists Justify Violence, By Cristy Rein

50 Reason To Go Fishing, By Jack Bedwell

Time For Western States To Take Back Ownership of Federal Lands, By Senator Doug Whitsett

Let There Be Light: Oregon Board of Forestry Choose Arbitrary EPA Regulation Over Fish and Facts, By D. Bob Zybach, PhD.

Wildlife Exposed: The Porcupine, By Ken Hulme

The Twilight, By Mickey Bellman

Wyoming Elk Calves Slaughtered, By Cristy Rein

Oregon Owyhee Monument Ignores Local Voices, By Linda Bentz

Portland School Board Schedules Book Burning, By John A. Charles

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2016 Summer Journal

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