What's In This Issue:

My Voice... By Cristy Rein

Winter Steelhead Fishing On One Of Oregon’s Best Coastal Rivers!... By Jeff Plew

Species Decisions Will Affect Use of Land and Water... By Christine Souza, California farm Bureau

Nanner, Nanner... By Sandy Cathcart

Forest Service Working To Be Effective Steward... By Vicki Christiansen, Chief of the Forest Service

The Great Salmon War... By Cam Ghostkeeper

Spotted Owls Revisited: Science vs. Politics... By Dr. Bob Zybach

The Buck From Broadus... By Mickey Bellman

Department of Interior Announces More Than $54 Million To Keep Waters Clean and Support Outdoor Recreation... From Department of Interior

U.S. Supreme Court Opinion Protects Forest Service Jurisdiction Over National Forest System Lands... From American Forest Resource Council

Federal Government Agrees to Reevaluate Northern Spotted Owl “Critical Habitat” After Supreme Court Ruling... From American Forest Resource Council

2020 Summer Journal

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