Summer Issue 2019 Table of Contents:

My Voice By Cristy Rein

Fly Fishing The Deschutes By Chad Geer

Cause Of California Wildfires

1 Billion Acres At Risk For Catastrophic Wildfires

A Lawman Versus A Bull Wapiti By Cam Ghostkeeper

Cap & Trade, Another Tax!

Seneca Plants 40 Millionth Tree

Elliott State Forest’s First Recreation Plan... By Dr. Bob Zybach

Wolf Plan Update... From Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Representative Greg Walden Pushes For Active Forest Management

Representative Russ Fulcher Supports Interior Action to Shine Light on Attorney’s Fees & Costs

Gun Crime Is A Made Up Term From The Anti-Gun World... By Don McDougall

How Environmental Analysis Inadvertently Drains The Forest Service Budget... By Nick Smith

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2019 Summer Journal

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