Fall Issue 2020 Table of Contents:

My Voice... By Cristy Rein

The Oregon Holocaust... By Mickey Bellman

Why Are Some Forest Fires So Intense?... By Oregon Forest Resource Institute

Governor Brown: Big Wildfire Excuses, Small On Funding... By Taypayers Association of Oregon

You Can’t Manage It... By Record Searchlight

To Stop Wildland Fires, Forestry, Not Climate Policy, Is The Priority... By Todd Myers

Wildfires Ravage The US Every Year, They Don’t Have To...By US Rep. Bruce Westerman

Time Has Come To Improve Management Of Oregon’s Eastside National Forests... By Irene Jerone and Nick Smith

Western Oregon Counties’ Forest Fire Histories, 1776-2019... By Bob Zybach, Ph.D

Fires On The Wire... By Lars Arndt

FACT CHECK: Biden Oversaw “Decade of Decline” For American Loggers

WildEarth Lawsuit Is Hurting New Mexico Forests... By Brent Racher

Oreon’s North Coast Forest Sector Is In Jeopardy... By Steve Zika

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2020 Fall Journal

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