Winter Issue 2023 Table of Contents:

My Voice... BY Cristy Rein

Final Chapter For The Elliott State Forest... By Ralph Saperstein

Crabbing And Fall Chinook Salmon On Central Oregon Coast... By Jeff Plew

2X Eco-Arsonist Gets Light Sentence, Community Service... Taxpayer’s Association of Oregon Foundation

Call For Help To Moderize 1994 Northwest Forest Plan... By Marc Heller

Misguided Old-Growth Policy Will Lead To More Wildfires And Smoke... By Nick Smith

Westerman Won’t Be “Boxed In” By Climate At Natural Resources... By David Jordan

A Wapiti For Kamaaha Dooley... By Cam Ghostkeeper

Senator Wyden’s Family Gets To Break The Rules... By Oregon

Eisenhower Was Right Redux: Government Science Is Still Killing Our Trees... By Bob Zybach, Ph.D

2022 Awards For Worst Politicians, Scandals... By Oregon

Timber Groups Ask DC Circuit To Revive Owl Habitat Suit... By Tom Lotshaw, Law 360

Measure 114 Gun Control Hypocrisy On Full Display... By Oregon

2023 Winter Journal

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