Spring Issue 2023 Table of Contents:

My Voice... BY Cristy Rein

Steelheading vs. Fence Building... By Cam Ghostkeeper

Go Back To The Drawing Board on Habitat Conservation Plan... By Cyrus Javadi

Scientists Push Back Against Anti-Forestry Misinformation In The Courtroom... Taxpayer’s Association of Oregon Foundation

Poor Man’s Trout... By Jim Griggs

Grey Ghosts In The Blue Mountains... By Jim Petersen, Evergreen

Can Collaboration Save Our Federal Forests?... By Kristin Rasmussen, Hampton Lumber

New Bill To Delist The Yellowstone Grizzly

Let There Be Light: The ABCs of HCPs... By Bob Zybach, Ph.D

How Forest Management Benefits Bears, Bobcats, Moose, Owls and Bunnies... By Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities

Kotek Mansion Gets Natural Gas Fix While Denying Others... By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Kotek $500K Donation Tied To Stolen Teacher Fund... By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Department of Forestry Mishandles Plan for State Forests... By Oregon Forest Industries Council

2023 Spring Journal

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