Summer Issue 2022 Table of Contents:

My Voice... BY Cristy Rein

Delayed Capitol Investigation May Hurt Kotek’s Governor Bid... From Taxpayers Assn. of Oregon

County Commissioners Speak Out Against Habitat Conservation Plan

I Buried A Dump Truck!... By Mickey Bellman

Bad Regulations Destroy Our Environment... By Harriet Hageman

Pass Shooting Bandtail Pigeons... By Rolla B. Boughan

“God, Family and The Elliott” Jerry Philllips 1927-2022... By Bob Zybach, Ph.D

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat Designation Fails Our Forests, Communities and the Species Itself... From American Forest Resource Council

Published Editorials Aren’t Necessarily Factual... By Mark Webb

Create A Defensible Space Against Wildfire...

2022 Summer Journal

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