Spring Issue 2021 Table of Contents:

My Voice... BY Cristy Rein

One For The Record Books!... By Ryder Sturgell

Front and Center, Biden Wildfire Scorecard No. 2... By Jim Peterson, Evergreen Foundation

Chukar Hunting Basics... By Dwayne Wells

Decoding Fibs in Governor Brown’s State of State Speech... By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

A Burro Named Luigi... By Cam Ghostkeeper

Reforestation of the 2020 Labor Day Fires in Western Oregon... By Bob Zybach, Ph.D

Flyfishing For Bluegills... By Bill Palmroth

Have We Learned Our Lesson?... By Tootie Smith

Standing Up For Rural Constituents... By Karen Budd Falen

President Biden’s 30 By 30 Executive Order... By Sara Ghafouri, American Forest Resource Council

Oregon Cattlemen Fight Wild & Scenic River Designation...

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2021 Spring Journal

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